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I am your host, Becka Tilsen, I am an organizer, a movement baby, a somatics practitioner, a facilitator and a mother living in Duhamish territory otherwise known as Seattle.

5. Mutual Aid Toolkit with Dean Spade

The words mutual aid seem to be on everyone’s lips right now. What exactly is mutual aid? And how do we set up a mutual aid project that makes the impact our communities need? Dean Spade walks us through the basics of mutual aid, flags some common...

Boo Torres and family

4. Solidarity not Charity, with Boo Torres

Today’s episode is about one busy family and the food drop-offs they are doing for over 100 people. One of the tenets of mutual aid is that it is grounded in solidarity, not charity. When you hear Boo Torres talk about what she’s up to, you can feel...

Welcome to Dispatches (Trailer)

Welcome to Dispatches: Conversations about getting through the COVID crisis with community care, mutual aid, and personal and collective resistance. I’m your host, Becka Tilsen, what a strange time we are in, I’m so glad to be in it with...